Weekly Asana Classes

Yoga 101 Basics

Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45pm at Flourish – For those new to Yoga and for those who want to strengthen their core alignments, this class is a necessary foundation for all classes. It’s also a useful class for those who are coming back to yoga, or just want a simpler practice. This class will include an understanding of alignment as well as the correct use of props (blocks, bolsters, pillows, and straps) in order to ensure comfort, stability, and alignment. We highly recommend this class for students who are brand new to yoga or who may have physical limitations that have been making their practice a struggle. After a consistent practice in this class, students will be armed with enough knowledge to safely join most beginner and multi-level classes.

Brute Yoga & Mobility

Tuesdays from 6:30pm-7:45pm at Flourish – A non intimidating approach to mindful stretching and mobility with an introduction to the diaphragmatic breath practice.  This class will give you the tools to perform your best when under heavy loads and during demanding WODs.  Whether you’re a power lifter, CrossFitter, weightlifter, Strongman athlete, or anything else in between this class is an essential component to your endeavors.

The class will strengthen and stretch every area of the body, blending the science of Yoga with the needs of the athlete. While participating in sports, imbalances occur in our bodies which can lead to strain on our joints. When practiced regularly, Yoga can help correct some of the imbalances that active sports naturally create. One of the distinguishing features between Yoga and “just stretching” is the constant focus on the breath. This development of breath awareness gives an athlete greater body control and a calmer mind which is invaluable in pushing the body beyond its perceived limits. Learning to notice the capacity of our own bodies mentally reinforces the relationship between the mind and the body and therefore increases our awareness. This awareness is vital as an athlete as it hones our ability to quickly react to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. No previous yoga experience is necessary to join this class.

Sunday Funday Mobility

Sundays from 9:30am-11:00am at Flourish – A true multilevel class that blends the tradition of yoga and the idea of mobility with movement and breath.

Pricing for Group Classes

when taken with Brute Yogi at Flourish

      • Drop-in $15.00
      • 5 Class Pass $70.00 (45 Day Expiry)
      • 10 Class Pass $120.00 (3 Month Expiry)

Private Yoga Instruction

Home practice – Have you tried to establish a consistent home practice, but failed to get momentum? Or you just can’t figure out what to do? We will create a custom sequence to energize you when you wake up, to help you relax before bed, or for a specific physical issue.

Meditation practice – Want to start a home meditation practice but keep getting distracted? We can teach you how to meditate, appropriate breathing techniques to use, and give you tips on how to establish a consistent daily practice.

Injury rehab – After a thorough assessment of the injuries you have, we will recommend yoga asana both on and off the yoga wall to support healing. Therapeutic exercises will also be recommend to work on at home to  enhance the rehabilitatation of your injury.

    Pricing for Private Instruction

        • 1 hour, in-studio private session – $75
        • Further customization of practice, additional sequences, handouts, emails, creation of materials – starts at $50
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