And another strong woman from our Brute Yogi Tribe!

And another strong woman from our Brute Yogi Tribe!

Katelyn Bottoms is a fierce one and I am so glad she trusted me to work with her!  She contacted me just before I was tapping out on maternity leave.  I was hesitant at first since I couldn’t really be there for her as much as she needed me to be, but after chatting for a bit, I

Mother & Daughter

Mother & Daughter

could see the commitment in her eyes and her drive to get strong and really become the fierce momma that she could be so I was pumped to help her along!  A full time student, military wife, and full time mom, Katelyn is tenacious but…she hates cardio and especially hates burpees. Her visceral response to any workout I gave her or did with her that had burpees was clearly felt, seen, and heard.  (Too bad I don’t scare that easily!  haha!)  Seriously though, she is a natural strength athlete who can lift some heavy shit and once I taught her to move well, move well she did!

imagesShe had me get her accustomed to strongman implements while working on her base of strength and her…cardio, yes cardio.  She made time in her life to get her ass to the gym for the only two precious hours she had each day while her daughter was in pre-school.  She never gave up or let the demands of school and home life get in the way of her goals.  I could take a page from her book!

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I get attached to some of my clients and Katelyn is definitely one of them!  When baby life got in the way of my working with her, she didn’t miss a beat and is now playing rugby!  I look forward to the day that I can text her and let her know that I will be at the gym and we can do some tire flips (her favorite) and some burpees (my favorite) together again!

How did you meet Lisa, and how did you decide she was worth working with?

I first met Lisa in November 2015, I was looking for a personal trainer and had found her on the Brute Strength Gym website. I filled out her questionnaire, emailed it in, and she got back to me pretty quickly. We met up officially a few days later and started working together right after that. I knew immediately that I was going to enjoy working with Lisa. She was warm, personable, and so kind. Being as nervous as I was, she helped me to feel comfortable and calm.

What were your goals? Was she helpful in reaching them?14741675_10207183758022296_1360900881_n

My goals coming in were to get in shape physically and mentally; I was literally starting from square one. Lisa started with the basics and helped build a solid foundation in which to start my fitness journey. Each move was explained in detail from how to do it and why. If she couldn’t show me or clarify in person, she sent articles and videos. She really helped me to build a confidence in what I was doing and in myself.
Although I came to Lisa to for help, I’m just not a huge fan of physical fitness. I’m not one of those that thinks, “lets go to the gym, it’ll be FUN!” Nope. Not me. However, Lisa helped me venture out and discover new avenues that I loved doing. Things like strongman and powerlifting. She made it fun for me and that was so important.

Would you recommend Lisa as a trainer – massage therapist or yoga teacher? What makes her so special?

Not only has Lisa been my trainer but I’ve also had the opportunity to attend one of her yoga classes and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Lisa was not my first rodeo; I previously had a personal trainer at one of those chain store gyms ? The difference with Lisa is her genuine awareness of each one of her clients. I was never just an appointment; she took a real interest in my journey and goals. She also took an interest in me as a person. She listened to me, my body, and my workouts were tailored to fit my needs. In all of our sessions, she was so focused on me and the work I was doing, I knew she was doing her best to make me into the best athlete possible. She always pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to go a step further; I learned through Lisa that I was much stronger than I knew.

14689238_10207183756742264_1501843851_oWhat is your favorite thing about working with Lisa?

Everything! Lisa and I became fast friends and session days were my favorite! I looked forward to them every week. I wish we could see each other everyday! Lisa and Anne-Marie are such unique souls. These two are rare gems, so honest and authentic. I’m beyond blessed and fortunate to be a member of their tribe!


July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014

Brute Strength

Front Squat 60/70/80 x5

Olympic Skill Session:

Every 90s x 8 rounds
1 High Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch 60% of 1RM Snatch

Work Capacity

5 rounds: Rest 1:30 after each round
5 tire flips (heavy)
5 jumps to tire
25 double unders

Brute Yogi Mindful Pre-Wod Prep

Find Your Flow State: Prepare your mind for succeeding in your workout.  Sit down and drink your pre-workout while you read over the WOD, write down on a white board what you will be doing and what you need to remember. Take a moment to sit and visualize each movement, look around the gym and figure out what you will need for each movement and where you will need to set up camp.  Get down on your roller and see yourself moving efficiently and recognize where there may be trouble for you with today’s tasks.  As you pick out your shoes and slip on your knee sleeves, are there any questions regarding equipment, movements, timing, etc?  Now that you’ve put yourself in the Brute Yogi state of mind, turn off your phone and pick your music for the day – the music is key to the flow ~

Physical preparation:  Start by elevating the heart rate with a jog, a row, airdyne, etc.  Then continue to mobilize with a few rounds of the world’s greatest stretch on each side (say 5 reps), some gorilla squats (go for 10)

Cossack Squat

a slow 10 on each side

(You can also modify this dynamic movement by holding onto the pull-up cage, but follow all of the same alignment cues!)

Front Squat: Squat from the rack at 60%, 70%, and 80% of your one rep max.  If while warming up those percentages aren’t attainable today then drop the percentages until it is…do not go above the percentages.  Take at least 2:00 off between sets.  And as Stella Krupinski says…”sit your ass down” and actually rest during sets.

Snatch Complex: Warm-up to your working weight for the day, not to exceed 60%.  We suggest warming up with something like the Burgener Warm-Up or something like this from Catalyst Athletics.

Work Capacity: The rest programmed in will allow you to work at almost 100% capacity each round, so plan to go hard with that forced rest each round.

  • Choose a tire that will require cognitive reset each rep but will not cause a break down in form as you go through the rounds.  We’re average athletes and would choose an approximately 300# tire.
  • The jumps to tire can be performed as step-ups, and we do suggest stepping down each rep regardless of whether or not you’re jumping up to the tire.
  • Modifications for double unders can be quick singles