July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014



Brute Strength
A. Close Grip Bench Press 60/70/80 x 8+
B. Incline Dumbbell Press 3×12 across

C. Work Capacity
5 rounds
10 Ring Rows
10 Ring Dips
25 Double Unders

Brute Yogi Mindful Pre-Wod
Find your flow state:
First task on bench day, find a spotter.  (Yes, yes, it isn’t a max day, but 8+ reps at 80% could crush ya.)  Walk around while you drink your caffeinated beverage and chat up your fellow gym folk seeing who might be willing to spot you when the going gets tough.  Getting to know your gym bros is part of being in the flow state while you’re there – high five-ing and fist bumping are vital to the GAINZ!


Get down on the floor and on your roller – ROLL OUT – while planning your attack for your lifts.  Which bench will you be claiming – is there even one open or will you need to time that perfect moment of when to “work in.”  Pay attention to how your chest and arms are feeling while you roll and wiggle yourself all around and everywhere to get the upper back, shoulders and arms warmed up – and don’t forget to visualize how strong you’re gonna feel today.

Breathing is always important to a strong core, so since this is a new concept for most of you brute yogis, refer to our post on box breathing – you can do several rounds of box breathing while you are stretching out and holding some longer stretches or go sit in Virasana (butt on the floor or sit up on something as high as you need to to not feel like your ankles are going to snap) to stretch out your ankles and knees because…why not?  We all need it!

Physical Preparation:
(get your roller, PVC, and band now)
Grab your roller again and do some Upper Back and Shoulder Mobility.

Then go grab a PVC and continue the mobility madness with PVC pass throughs (Boom!)

One of the secrets to healthy shoulder movement is healthy thoracic rotation (well, ANY really!  most of us have very little!)  If you’ve been in any yoga class with Lisa or Anne-Marie, you know how much we love this movement – so much bang for your buck!

And finally, grab a band and open up that shoulder capsule in five of its directions –  The Five Way

*****all of this should become second nature as you get more practiced****
(in the meantime, you will be a little bit of a hot mess getting your toys organized)

2 sets of 10 Band Pull Aparts
First set with palms down – Second set with palms up
Burpees Strict 5 EMOTM for 5 minutes

A. Close Grip Bench: Perform 8 reps at 60% and 70%, max reps at 80% if desired.  We suggest using a spotter for the 80% at minimum.

B. Incline Dumbell Press: Warm-up with a few sets to find a working weight for all three sets.

C. Ring rows can be performed with bent knees, straight legs and anywhere from an incline, to parallel, to feet on a box.  If ring dips are not easily performed strict or with a thin band – switch to strict hand release push-ups.  Double-unders can be modified to quick singles, or double-under attempts.