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We provide personal training session at Brute Strength Gym. Find out more.

Massage Therapy

Lisa uses a holistic approach to working with clients. She believes that what happens on the massage table can only make a small difference. Healthful living requires your commitment to understanding your own body inside and out. In your session together, you can either relax or discuss ways that she can help you off the massage table as well. Find out more.

Movement Analysis

Can’t get to depth in your squat? Shoulders won’t go overhead in a lift? Frustrated that no one seems to know what’s wrong? In a Movement Analysis session, Lisa will play detective and figure out what’s going on in your body to cause this issue. Find out more.

Personal Training

Whether you want to move more efficiently, build your athletic capacity, set new PRs, work on your lifting form, or you just hate group classes, personal training is an ideal solution. Find out more.


Are you looking for something designed specifically for you and your goals?  We’ll design an entire program around those specific goals.  This is not a cookie cutter program, it is designed with your movement patterns, strengths, weaknesses, equipment and time constraints all taken in to account.  Our program is well balanced to prevent injury and assure you recover well.  We offer consultations in person, over the phone, email and video during the program to track progress. Find out more.

Seminars & Workshops

Lisa draw from her vast experience in yoga, bodywork, and fitness to offer workshops and seminars on functional movement, corrective exercise, injury rehabilitation, and deeper yoga exploration. We can customize these workshops for groups or individuals at gyms, yoga studios, teacher training programs, or your home. Find out more.


Lisa teaches weekly group classes at Flourish in Norfolk, VA. Private yoga instruction is also available to help you develop a consistent home practice, work on specific asana, or rehabilitate an injury. Find out more.

Lisa Vaughan-Meer

Lisa Vaughan-Meer

Lead body mechanic and mastermind behind Brute Yogi.

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Anne-Marie Vaughan-Meer

Anne-Marie Vaughan-Meer

Likes multiple hyphens.  Awesome assistant.  Program designer.

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“I have lost 55 pounds in 7 months. My ankle is feeling good and I am running again. I feel excellent and have awakened the internal drive within me that I thought might never return.” Read more

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