Let us introduce you to another one of our tribe members!  We would like you to meet Dolores “Yogi D” Little.  She is the OG of the Brute Ladies, as they’ve become known at Brute Strength Gym.


Dolores has had a knack for talking her yoga buddies into joining her in the gym. “You can do anything for an hour!” Sandy, is OG #2!

I’ve been a trainer since Summer 2009, and even from the beginning, I’ve had a soft spot for working with regular folks – those just looking to be better versions of themselves, to be out of pain, to have a better quality of life.  Another population that inspires me as a trainer and a coach is yogis seeking a more balanced movement practice – one that would get them out the pain caused from “asana overuse syndrome” (as I call it) or help them learn to find more stability in their bodies.  Dolores fit the bill on both counts!  I was just as shocked as her husband was that she wanted to strength train with me and…I was excited to see what would come of it all!  It has been quite an inspired 2 years.  Dolores has barely missed a workout in these two years and when she is at the gym she is ALL IN!  Her drive and work ethic are unbelievable! So are her math skills!  But…grace isn’t her middle name!  hahahahahaha!  Just ask any of her workout buddies – Dolores needs orange cones and safety equipment to move about the gym.  We love her and we love giving her shit!  Ask her about her bench press incident!!

brute-yoga-3It has been my sincerest pleasure to work with Dolores and to watch her get stronger, more confident, and even more sassy! She’s grown herself a booty and some mighty fine guns!

How did you meet Lisa, and how did you decide she was worth working with?

I first met Lisa in Nov 2011, when she was co-owner of a yoga studio in Norfolk. Within a few months, I learned she was also a massage therapist and a personal trainer; but it wasn’t until 2014, that I decided I wanted to hire her services as a personal trainer. All my life, I have mastered the art of being an Olympic-class Couch Potato; I’ve never been athletic, I never participated in school sports, and I had never lifted weights. By the age of 53, I started to see how weak my body had become (e.g., couldn’t walk one flight of stairs without becoming winded, couldn’t open jars, could barely carry groceries from car-to-kitchen, etc). It was at this point that I KNEW I needed to do something … and hiring Lisa was my first & only choice. (You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when I told him I’d hired a trainer – “YOU?!?” It was nice to see I could still shock him after 23 years together). Whenever possible, I like to conduct business with women – especially when that business involves my body; who better to understand how a woman’s body works than another woman, right?!? Case in point: why would a woman go to a male gynecologist, and why would a man go to a female urologist?

What were your goals? Was she helpful at reaching them?

50ish years strong

50ish years strong

My original goals were to get strong enough to perform simple tasks around the house, and lose a little weight. Poor Lisa – she had no idea what she was getting herself into. That first day at Brute Strength Gym I was a HOT MESS!!! I couldn’t do 10 sit-ups without cheating. She pulled out a crossfit box and asked if I could jump on it … and I just laughed. Then she asked me to step up on the box; I could do it with my right leg, but notlake-yoga-1 with my left leg … then Lisa laughed. So my step-ups that day were done on the smallest step in the gym – 12″. Through patience, constant encouragement, and a little tough love (every now and then), Lisa has not only helped me reach my initial goals, she has pushed me farther than I ever thought imaginable. I’ve learned that you can never be strong enough; there is always a next level to attain. I now climb stairs two at a time, without ever getting winded; I no longer need my husband to open jars for me; I can even stir the oil in


Namaste Strong, Yogi D!

to a jar of natural peanut butter without needing to take a nap afterwards (it’s the little things in life that bring us joy!) … and I can bench press, dead lift and squat.


Would you recommend Lisa as a trainer, massage therapist, or yoga teacher? What makes her so special?
A big YES to all three!! As a trainer, Lisa’s number one concern is your safety; she is constantly watchful of your form in any type of functional movement, and she manages to correct you without making you feel like you have an inadequate brain. As a massage therapist, she is The Bomb!!! I started getting monthly massage in 1995; over the years, I’ve been to 30+ massage therapists – none of them knows the muscular structure of human body like Lisa does (circle back to why she’s such a great trainer). Her massage style is slow & deep, and she always knows how work whatever needs special attention. Her yoga classes are peaceful, challenging and fun – all at the same time (except for when we’re doing frog – that’s just plain torture!). She welcomes all level students, and makes everyone laugh at least once during each class; each and every one of us walks away with a feeling of peace – it doesn’t get any better than that.


What is your favorite thing about working with Lisa?
Where do I begin???? There are so many reasons …
– She is a no-nonsense woman who treats me like a grown-ass woman!
– She reminds me of my mother – there is love, and friendship, and respect – but she’s not afraid to call you on your crap (I believe this is referred to as a ‘bitch-slap’ in certain circles), and that’s exactly why I hired her as a trainer. I need that accountability.
– She knows me better than I know them myself. Favorite Lisa quote: “You’re stronger than you think!”
– You get absolutely no sympathy when it comes to complaining about a workout; when you tell her, “Damn, that was HARD!”, her usual reply is “It was supposed to be!”
– Oh – and the work is SO MUCH FUN!! Yes, I said it – FUN … even that damn prowler.