It's time to get outside!

It’s time to get outside!

Brute Yogi WOD


2:00 on/2:00 off for 40-50minutes

Choose your poison – go for a run (pavement, trail, treadmill), row, bike (stationary or outside)

Brute Yogi Mindful Pre-Wod Prep

Find Your Flow State: Prepare your mind for succeeding in your workout.  Pick your music.  Hydrate.  Sit, visualize your chosen exercise from start to finish while you’re tying your shoes and survey the scene where your conditioning will do down -hopefully you chose outside and you can breathe it all in.

…speaking of the breath…Preparing the diaphragm, lungs and rib cage muscles for the volume needed to work efficiently and be resilient under the stress of hypoxia (a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply and happens during strenuous physical activity) is key to being a well-rounded and efficient athlete.

A favorite exercise for the Brute Yogi is called, “square breathing” or “box breathing” or traditionally in yoga, “kumbaka.”  It is called square or box breathing because you can visualize a square with your breath in this way:

Inhale for 4 seconds
Retain the inhale for 4 seconds (hold the breath in)
Exhale for 4 seconds
Suspend the exhale for 4 seconds (hold the breath out)

Do this 4 times and it will balance out your state of mind, increase the strength of your diaphragm, increase lung capacity, and prepare your respirartory system for the Work Capacity ahead of you.

**As you practice more and your lung capacity increases, you can increase the length of the breaths and the holds. One day, you will be able to increase the time  to 15 seconds for each section of the square, such that it takes you 1 minute to create the entire box – that would make you a Super Brute Yogi!

Now, let’s prepare the body for your chosen task: This Dynamic Warm-up has a lot of great ideas.

  1. Leg Swings: 10 reps forward, backward and side to side.
  2. Arm Swings and Back Slaps
  3. High knees and butt kickers: At least 100m each
  4. Carioca Drill: At least 50′ each side
  5. Inch Worm: 5-10 reps

Tips: You may choose to go at a slower pace during the 2:00 off or completely rest for that 2:00.

Brute Yogi Integration Post-Wod:

Sit or lay down and reflect on the work that was done.  Then let it go.

Namaste Strong, y’all.