I am 62 yr old and weighed almost 300 pounds. I had a bad ankle from an injury that never really healed right. I was the poster child for “completely out of shape.” It was difficult to get up off the floor or even do 1 pushup. I wasn’t happy with my physical condition but wasn’t sure if I could ever get back into the shape of my earlier years. Then I ran by chance into Lisa. She took me the way I was-not a pretty sight- and worked with me a couple of times a week. I liked her because she encouraged me to do my best which I knew was in me at one time in my life but wasn’t sure if it still existed. She constantly watched me very closely to ensure I didn’t move the wrong way and do what I call “major structural damage.” She introduced me to Crossfit which she thought I would enjoy. She was exactly right- I love it. I have lost 55 pounds in 7 months. My ankle is feeling good and I am running again. I feel excellent and have awakened the internal drive within me that I thought might never return. Thank you Lisa-it sounds corny- but you really have changed my life in such a wonderful positive way. See Lisa-she is the best-it will definitely make you a better person.

-Bob V.