It's time to become a Brute Yogi.

It’s time to become a Brute Yogi.

Welcome to the BruteYogi WOD!

What is a Brute Yogi?  In case you missed the answer look here.

Today we bring you the “how to” of the BruteYogi WOD.  If you’ve been following the progress on FaceBook, thank you!  If not, go ahead on over and give us a like.  We’ll also have connections to Twitter and Instagram up and running shortly.  While all of this social media stuff keeps us in contact, this website right here, the one you are currently reading, will be the most up to date and informative of all – so be sure to bookmark it!

Here’s the CliffsNotes version of the who, what, when, where and whys before we get to the real meat and potatoes.  Lisa (the originator of and Anne-Marie ( have been athletes for a little while, basically all our lives.  We’ve discovered over the years that one cannot just BE an athlete, one must be a MINDFUL athlete – no matter your chosen sport.  Some of this discovery has come through injuring ourselves, some of it has come through learning and experiencing different coaches and programming, some of it has come through coaching other athletes, and some of it has come through our yoga practice.  We continue to learn and grow as athletes and coaches every time we step in to the gym, on to the mat and in to the world (maybe it sounds cheesy to you – but it all relates, PROMISE).

Who is this for?  Really, anyone.  Anyone that wants general strength and overall conditioning.  We’ll approach the workouts and programming from our experience in Yoga, CrossFit, Strongman, Olympic Lifting and Weight Lifting and Endurance Sports.  Everything is scaleable, modifiable and accessible.

How does it work?  There will be a Mindful BruteYogi Pre-WOD (including warm-ups), Brute Strength, Work Capacity, Skills and Accessory, and BruteYogi Integration.  

  • Mindful BruteYogi Pre-WOD: To prepare your mind and body for the work ahead.  Centering exercises to include breath and physical movements.
  • Brute Strength: Barbell movements like squats, deadlifts and presses – Olympic lifts too.
  • Work Capacity:  Similar to a CrossFit WOD, there will be a metabolic conditioning aspect that will include movements geared to accompany each other.
  • Skills and Accessory Movements:  Specifically chosen to improve upon the movements programmed for the day and target areas that are generally most out of balance
  • BruteYogi Integration:  Mobility and yoga most directly related to the day’s movements.

We’ll post the programming the night before (we’re on the East Coast).  We’d suggest following it in order even if you’re not completing the workouts on the exact day we post them.

Rest days will absolutely be programmed in!  We HIGHLY suggest taking rest seriously as that is where most of your growth will occur.  Recovery weeks will also be part of our programming approximately every six weeks.  Those weeks will be lighter in volume and overall work to allow for sufficient rest.

Feel free to ask us any question you may have, we’re here to support YOU in your evolution in becoming a BruteYogi!

Oh yeah…and we actually do the workouts ourselves too!